Our Product

Helping automate your dairyshed

Analyzing your cow yard the Moover system is able to intuitively manage the backing gate operations to minimize animal welfare concerns and maximize cow flow thru the milking platform.  

Acting as an attentive extra stock person in the yard Moover helps reduce animal health costs through constant monitoring and only moving the gates as needed.  


The improved cow flow benefits your business decreasing milking times and increasing productivity, get your staff home earlier or focused on other important farm tasks.

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Is Moover Right for you?

Any shed, large or small Moover Automated Backing Gate can start saving you time and money. 

The Moover system installs into existing infrastructure and is retrofittable into most dairy sheds, meaning no costly shed or yard upgrades.


The Automated Backing Gate can be installed between milking's, meaning minimal interruption for you and your team.

Moover provides training and ongoing support, giving you peace of mind.