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Why Gatekeeper?

Benefits of the System

Backing/Crowd gates are a leading contributor to white line disease. Have peace of mind that your gate operation impact is being minimized.

18% reduction of milking times. Gatekeeper facilitates the smooth and efficient flow of cows through the milking shed which leads to a reduction in milking times this starts at 15%. 


9% power reduction. Faster milking times means a reduction in power used to operate your dairy. ​

Get staffed focused other important farm tasks

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What Gatekeeper does

Features of the system

Customizable gate behavior

  • Yard Density

  • Gate movement times


Gate reset

  • Yard is set up ready for your next milking


Hands free washdown


Emergency overrides and fail safes

Gate usage reporting

  • Peace of mind that your system is being utilized


Software support

Ongoing maintenance and system upgrades

Electrical fault monitoring 

Ongoing staff training and business support

Gatekeeper installation:


The Moover team in, conjunction with our regional partners, oversee every aspect of the installation process. 

Gatekeeper currently operates in

  • Round Yards

  • Square Yards

  • Rotary sheds

  • Herringbone sheds

Gatekeeper installs into existing infrastructure and is retrofittable, meaning no costly shed or yard upgrades.

Installed between milkings there is minimal interruption for you and your team.

Moover provides training and ongoing support, getting you operational quickly and painlessly. 

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